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now and what they expected them to do when they elected him in office in 2012. the first point. the second point, up until now francois hollande had the idea that, ok, i was select it, i have tough work to do, i have to give france back on the rails, the country is in dire straits, so i will have to tax everybody more and bring more money into the state coffers because he views government of the sarkozy spent far too much money and spend more money then we actually had. that is my job. in the old days when presidents were elected, they gave handouts. they say, ok, now it is time to work hard to pay that money. this time francois hollande said work hard to start with, have to pay more money, and that will get results. i think up until recently he has not really cared very much about his popularity poll rating, saying it is normal. i am going to lose report -- support because i him doing things people don't like. i am wondering how worried he is now. a level of 26%. everything he has tried to do in the last few weeks has turned to dust basically. as mark was saying and as you wer
a movement lead to go a general election. but fighting between the two sides resumed. >> we're not warmongers. we have decided to defend ourselves and our rights. we want autonomy for the people of azawad. if we're not granted that autonomy, we're going to fight until the last bullet. we're going fight until the last bullet. >> reporter: even though they call themselves the arab movement for azawad their goal is to speak autonomy for all components of the azawad society, and they work in full coordination with the other groups. >> reporter: one of the issues that bother the azawad is that they're criminals. some of the youth have joined radical groups. but for this senior commander, the azawad have other grievances. >> no single child here has a high school degree. every few years we get expelled to refugee camps, we've suffered enough, and we should be able to return and those who are foreigners should leave. >> reporter: the rebels have managed to put aside their traditional rivalries and reversing the decision only under international pressure. now they say that their patience with the mal
in this country. [applause] it is time for reform. elections are coming and we are watching you. [applause] you, from edward snowden. a jesselyn radack reading message from nsa whistleblower edward snowden at saturday's stop watching us rally in washington, d.c. thomas drake also spoke. she was charged with espionage after he was suspected of revealing information about the agency's warrantless wiretapping program. evidence revealed by edward snowden, we now know in great detail, the nsa does not have an honorable track record of telling the truth. while keeping track of us with our -- with out our consent. >> unacceptable! >> i agree. we only know of the wrongdoings and violations due to the disclosures of whistleblowers. these public eyes and ears, exposing abuse of government power in the public interest. but without adequate protections, they're more likely to turn a blind eye to the privacy risk of innocence. it renders creativity new come in gender sphere and erodes our freedom served up by the potent [indiscernible] security wallf for sticking our liberties is a price we must pay to make
by the previous presidential election but the other parts is regarding the northern part of mali is still an ongoing task and a very difficult one to tackle. >> i want to take you up on that point about the french government and the french troops being involved in mali at the moment. french government says they want to reduce the number of troops that they have got in february next year. is it too soon as you said they have failed in their aim to try to achieve some sort of peace in mali, is it too soon to withdraw troops in february? >> well, we have to have in mind that there is a particular agenda which is the next legislative elections which will be carried out for the first round 24th of november and 15 of december for the second round and the movements which are existing in mali will want to do a sure force on that occasion. so i'm not sure that the french will be able to withdraw as rightly mentioned, france has said by the end of next july they will only be 1,000 french military troops on the ground but that was in the horizon of the ongoing and strengthening united nation stabili
. now, what remains to be seen is there's elections coming and we don't know what will happen, the outcome of the elections. there should be a process for the trials to go on. you know, there should beconstitutional provisions. the tribunals should continue. and we have a few people who have been put on trial, and undergoing trial. there are many, many more. there's still a lot of evidence around in bangladesh. a lot of people are alive who can give testimony. the process needs to be on. >> very interesting to speak to you. thanks for joining us from london. >>> the government of the pakistani province which borders afghanistan is going to block the nato route. the government says it will review ties and cooperation with the u.s. we are joined by our correspondent in islamabad. clearly this killing of the pakistani leaderer sparked a strong reaction. what measures is the government taking to display their displeasure to the u.s.? >> it's two fold. i think the government in islamabad is content to continue with the rhetoric, to continue with the strong condemn nations against t
when morsi became the country's first democratically elected president in june of last year. but increasingly frustrated with what they saw as his authoritarian rule, and his failure to fulfill promises, many egyptians took to the streets again. a growing wave of protest ended up with the military's decision to remove morsi from office in an act that morsi himself said is against the law. >> the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak is that mubarak has abundant authority. according to the law and institution morsi is the president of the rebel. this is the legal and constitutional situation right now. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder he could be sentenced to death. al jazeera, cairo. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry now working to de fuse the tensions between the the u.s. and saudi arabia. kerry is continuing his tour of the middle east. it comes after plains of holy spirit of syria, iran and the middle east peace process. >> the saudis are the senior player, if you will, within the arab world with egypt. egypt i
and speakers. november 5, election day, goldie hawn will be here at the national press club. gg will be, judd gre here. he plans to unveil protections for investors to be endorsed by the anti-group. november 11, president and ceo of the charles schwab operation. i would like to present our guest with the traditional npc m ug. [applause] i am sorry it did not come from rei. last question we wanted to ask, the most pressing issue for those of us who live here in washington, when will the washington monument reopen? [laughter] we hope to have it open a year from now. there are people who kind of like its exoskeleton. and i have a wonderful job, but it is made more wonderful by some of the places i can go. there have been a few places where i say, can i do this, they say, ma'am, you can do anything you want. i got to climb up the stairs to the scaffolding and then the latter that went to the top of the monument and looked them. i kind of like that exoskeleton. i do not have the exact dates. kate, do your member when we are going to reopen? no, pretty sure it is a year from now. it is not going t
, this is being criticized. the new government in pakistan has largely been elected on a position of ending u.s. drone strikes in pakistan and starting peace talks with the pakistani taliban. government officials in pakistan are angry about this. however, many security officials in pakistan are actually welcoming this move. he is a ruthless and violent leader of the taliban as i said here in afghanistan. his death is being welcomed not only by americans but also afghans who see him as sort of a root cause of many problems here in afghanistan. now, it should be noted, kelly, that the pakistani taliban have already appointed a new leader of the pakistani taliban movement. they're also vowing revenge. so right now, even though they've lost their head, kelly, it appears the taliban will continue to launch attacks in both pakistan and here in afghanistan. >> conor powell reporting from afghanistan, thank you for that report. >>> fresh fallout over the ailing obama care website. for those of you still trying to sign up, the site will be offline for repairs starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. that's expec
employer. now that employer mandate was delayed for one year, so this time next year, right best election, that is when these possible cancellation notices, 93 million of them, will be going out. >> that 93 million is more than even the non-partisan cbo had predicted a year-and-a-half ago. i looked it up today. march 15th, 2012, the cbo and together with the joint committee on taxation, they issued a report. they said up to 30 million americans are going to lose their employer sponsored coverage because of obamacare. that didn't even include what, 15 or 20 million in the individual marketplace. and millions of those are now getting their cancellation notices. >> that's right. we should make the distinction between the millions of people who are now getting cancellation notices because they buy their insurance individually. that is the private, individual market. those letters are going out now. this time next year, a whole new raft of letters go out to those people who get their health insurance from their employer. those plans will be canceled. those people will be shifted into a policy
♪ protests across egypt today as the country's first demeanorly elected president is on trial accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is politi
and bite my tongue. but yeah, if that is what the citizens want who elected me, that is what they elected me for. >> nevada's governor and several senators called the comment outrageous, insensitive and wrong, and they want an apology. >>> google is up to something big on the bay, we told you about their top secret project on treasure island that involves a huge barge and in an kpix5 exclusive, allen martin says there may be more. since the story last ran on friday, word has surfaced of this second stricture being built in portland, maine and possibly a third in connecticut. the director that would issue permits to google has heard of multiple vessels. >> as far as we know, this is the only one around san francisco. we have seen the portland, maine newspaper. >> reporter: larry with the bay confirmed it was google to came to him. >> when google came to us, they were less than specific about ha they were going to do with the vessel. >> reporter: meanwhile, the secret project remains docked at treasure island. they insist they need more specifics and the agency is skep cool the project has
of people like elected officials but also the leaders of our community and we're very grateful for your work. this began with the mission of mr. rodriguez and was continued with various work for the people who dedicated themselves to make n this a realtor. congratulations to all of you. i want to recognize the dedicated support from mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors especially david campos and supervisor avalos and kim. thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. and this is a rich and vast collection of the mexican museum. this projects are only done with the participation of the elected officials and the community working hand in hand for the same goal. san francisco is the rich cultural heritage. the presence of - i mention a few examples felt mexican enrichment belongs to all the san franciscans who proudly celebrate one of the most important assets. the mexican museums new home is a culture site that is made of various privileges that together represent one of the most complexities in this country. today mexicans all over the world proudly celebrate the independence of mexico
was elected to the legislature and then state treasurer and in the united states senate. >> wanted your family come to texas? >> my family came to texas in 1828 and they signed a texas declaration of independence and they came from england and made their way to texas and they were actually trained in the law and you had to be catholic to land in texas and he was a natural catholic. i say actual because many declared catholicism on the land. and he was part of this and he became the chief justice in this includes a great friend of sam houston and thomas rusk and my roots to go way back. >> kay hutchison is our guest and pioneering women who shaped texas, sally, good morning to you. you're on booktv. >> good morning. >> caller: my question for the senator is about the mexican women. we talked about the southern belles that came from the east and the women who are already there. >> yes, there were very brave mexican women who are part of mexico in the early days especially and many of them stay, but it was hard for them, because there was a revolution and there was a hardship that yes, there were
are taking sides. as patty culhane shows us, an election in alabama defines the sides. >> omar gets to work, trying to define the soul of the renal party. he calls himself a true believer, his cause, teapt, the most conservative faction of the republican party. >> it will be a godly country, a country that god can look down on and say, i'm proud of this country but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we conducted business. >> he's campaigning outside the debate for this man candidate dean young, promising to change washington confrontation. >> i can tell you now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common so there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys start to come over to our way of thinking. >> bradley byrne is funded by corporation. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do not honor our principles. in fact we are sending billions of dollars to countries like egypt and pakistan who are using that money to attack christians. >> bu
angela merkel was elected. >> this morning senator jeanne shaheen called on the nsa to come clear on the surveillance program. >> i think the revelations from edward snowden, and secrets that are revealed are doing damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, mexico and other countries where the suggestion is that we've lisped in -- listened in. i think we have repair work to do and hard questions it ask of the nsa about what is happening in the program. >> it's a different view from the chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman peter king says america should stop apologising for the nas. >> the reality is the nsa saved thousands of lives - not just the united states, but france, germany and throughout europe. the french carried out spying operations ai gaips the united states -- against the united states. as far as germany - that's where the hamburg plot began laing to nchb -- leading to 9/11. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright agrees, saying the u.s. is not the only one that spies on world leaders, but says france listened to her calls. a
called on election night after hear rg from romney, bill clinton. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's interesting. i want to bring in our chief political correspondent candy corely. as much as they might not have cared for him, he realized he needed him. >> that happens a lot in politics. bitter rivalries and throughout the first campaign, you can count bill clinton being one of the biggest rivals of barack obama, didn't think he was ready for it and thought his wife hillary clinton was ready for it. we had heard rumors through that time that johnson is talking about that oh, maybe the president will replace joe biden with hillary clinton. in fact, i think hillary clinton is probably on the record being asked about it because i have a vague memory -- >> she is. >> the president's numbers were down. you know, all of that kind of thing and i got to thinking today reading jonathan's article about this book that probably one of the happiest people today is hillary clinton for them deciding not to put her on the ticket or ask her to be on it because he's in roughly the same position poll
several associates of her ricky may allegations of so much in extremely close municipal election result one hundred votes separated incumbent every team and watch the apatow from second to challenge or any color and sixty more than eighteen thousand residents. he's already everest today people in the investigation into voting irregularities. often it would sound with two hundred sites like these election results and suspicions of flu have led to protests calling for new election in which image which is growing increasingly tense as ultra orthodox second date with its began to obama in recent years to rekindle the most conservative jurists that shelling the media and enforcing strict code of modesty. there was at the cost is greater portion of israel's population and to the point but rates raising questions about the jewish state's future as they influence grows . i knew the routine. she and more. oh well. i am. off. while. zune few. the there has been called many significant leak of classified information in the u s history. the case in this former cia employee who released the document
me. shortly after i was elected president i invited speaker foley to come to arkansas to see me to tell me everything i didn't know that was about to happen to me. which tom foley proceeded to do in that calm, reare strained balanced lyrical way. lulled by ot to be bob michael's friendliness, that he was a very tough adversary but i could make a deal with him. he told me not to be intimidated mr. speaker by your vell cossty because you were a brilliant politician but at the end we would find a way to do business. in the end he turned to be right about both things. his leadership made possible . ings that matter to me a lot being president is a matter of trying to do what you promised to do when you ran, trying to respond to legitimate impulses that are coming out of the political system and trying to deal with the unanticipated developments. and if you ignore any of them, you cannot prevail. and if you can't work with the congress, it's very difficult. tom foley therefore was pivotal for my andslide victory economic and deficit reduction won by one vote. that was made possible
and john heilemann. they searched whether the former first lady could boost the president's re-election chances. here is jonathan martin last night on ac 360. >> campaigns don't spend the kind of money on polling and focus groups unless they are seriously exploring something. it was only known by a half dozen of the top obama senior advisers. >> martin says vice president biden didn't eaven know the president's top advisers were considering replacing him. another revelation mitt romney considered chris christie as his vice president candidate before deciding on paul iran. >>> a big i told you so with more americans dropped by their insurance carriers because of obama care. republicans have been quick to point out they predicted this exact scenario back in 2010 even before that when the president was making a lot of promises that so far have not panned out. chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more. >> the gentleman from ohio, mr. boehner. >> reporter: march 2010 then minority leader john boehner came to the floor. he issued this warning. >> look at this bill! ask yourself do
administration to ask him to adhere to the democratic principle and to have fair, free, and punctual election, not to defer them. because the iraqis see the elections are mostly arabian. >> right. thank you very much for joining us on the show. >>> well now it's time to check in on the weather, and richard argentina is on alert for possible flooding? >> that's right. it's certainly one to watch in the coming days. this area of cloud down towards the south which is developing, and really what we have at the moment is this area of high-pressure from the east and west. so it's going to be stationary over the next few days, and you see the rainfall we normally get for this time of year. i think we're going to get this in the space of two days or so, and it will stretch from brainest aries up to paraguay. and maybe even on as far as peru. the whole system moves to the nose -- northeast in a day or so. in north america they have certainly had flooding programs. these shots come from austin, texas where we had more than 350 millimeters of rain. that system is moving away, drier conditions across mu
saying for weeks that he wants talks with the taliban. with the election of khan said many believe that this dialogue could start and it could lead to the end of violence as we've been discussing. >> what is the news to the death in pakistan? >> reporter: it's interesting. from a government point of view, from an intelligence point of view and military point of view i would imagine that people are very pleased that masood is dead. keep in mind that he was a very strong adversary with the pakistani state. he outwit and outplayed the military carrying out brazen and deadly attacks. but on the other side many people are unhappy with the way he decide. he was killed in an u.s. drone strike. but it's not just the government and, indeed, the state that is angry about this drone operation carried out by the u.s. many people feel that way as well. we went to the streets to gain opinion. this is what people have to say. >> americans have absolutely no right to cause this type of destruction in our country through these types of attacks. i believe this is criminal. >> the person killed in th
to repeal the new smoking rules and prevent a plastic bag ban. voters, not elected leaders, should decide the issues. a plastic bag ban law is in the works and the city passed a second-hand smoke ordinance last month batching smoking downtown and in open airspaces. they need to gather 4,000 signatures for each initiative in order to get them on the june ballot. >> google executive chairman is responding to allegations the u.s. government spied on his company's data centers and is not happy in a new interview, he says any spying is "outrageous and illegal." he says he had made complaints with the n.s.a. about spying, along with president obama and the members of congress. >> the man who exposed the n.s.a. program is again justifying him decision to leak classified information. a german magazine has published an open letter that was written by edward snowden calling the manifesto for the truth and edward snowden argues that people have to fight against suppression of information and says that those who speak the truth are not committing a crime. >> president obama is headed back to the bay
tonight at 8:00 on c-span's "q&a." journal,"washington we look ahead to the 2014 midterm elections with charlie cook, the editor in publisher of the "cook political report." he will talk about next week's elections for governor in virginia and new jersey. farzad oft, roberin a "bloomberg businessweek." then an update on the latest in syria, including an effort to locate and destroy the country's chemical weapons with mona yacou bian. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning, it is a back to work week for both the house and senate. secretary of state john kerry making an unannounced visit to egypt today. detroit and new york electing mayors. voters in new jersey and new york will be electing a new governor. morning and we are going to begin with a new gallup poll, asking you about the state of your life and your thoughts about the country in general.
are drawn, the pressures that those of us in elected office are under somehow preclude the possibility of that brand of leadership. well, i believe we have to find our way back there. now, more than ever. america needs public servants who are willing to place from solving ahead of politics. as the letter that president clinton held up indicates, the history of the crime bill shows. we are sent here to do what is right. sometimes, doing what is right is hard. it is not free. and yet, that is the measure of leadership. it is important for us who feel that responsibility to fight for a cause to recognize our cause is not advanced if we cannot also try to achieve compromise. the same way our founders sought it. as a vital part of our democracy. the very thing that makes our system of self-government possible. that is what tom foley believed. that is what he embodied. that is the legacy that shines rightly today. on the last day he presided as speaker, he described what it should feel like to serve the american people in this city. he spoke about coming to work in the morning and catching a
was about the next victory. it was never about last month's defeat, never. >> he said to me elections are about tomorrow night yesterday. -- not yesterday. >> we will ask for the support of every single american. our appeal of boundless opportunity crosses every barrier of geography, grace, and belief in america. we are not going to leave anybody out of this opportunity. [applause] everything but we will speak to every heart. in word and action, we will represent the entire american family. that's what we must the all about. [applause] ♪ [applause] ♪ >> thank you for watching that with us. i know it brings a lot of wonderful memories to many of you who worked with him. mr. speaker, we know that you have places to be. you are good, thank you. [applause] i did not know that i would have to excuse the speaker of the house. [laughter] so, this evening, before we get to the main course, we have a wonderful main course. i introduce our awardee, would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine and the kemp family. group vice president of ford motor company, a great american company
what it's an anomaly in the world. to have elections on a tuesday. why would they do that? tuesday nobody shows up. >> rose: that's another -- >> it's a big deal -- >> rose: i'm all with you on that the too. not on tuesday or not necessarily -- a whole lot of things you can do to make the system better. i'm thinking of a whole number of places. there are whole tons of parties in israel for example but they are essentially to three parties, you know. >> yes. >> rose: i mean the labor and -- run for a while and that's down. they've got a series of small religious parties who simply form coalitions. >> israel is a peculiar place but mexico for example we have five parties at least. >> rose: it's hard to talk to mexico when you have one party that dominated mexico for most of its history. >> until it changed and now we have a lot. ha ha ha. >> rose: so is mexico better under preparty. >> it's definitely better now with competition. because you can choose, you know. hillary say well, this thing about the government grid lock should be a lesson for americans so that they put attenti
election to fill the seat of the late frank laughtenberg. >> aljazeera investigates sex crimes on campus. >> sometimes the victims are the falsely accused. >> i started to talk and i broke down and i was crying, and, you know, i was just devastated. >> the struggle colleges face balancing the rights of accusers and the accused. >> between rental, light bills, water bills, i just couldn't really afford to have food in the house. >> it's a lot to juggle. things are about to get tougher for financially strapped families. the help that's being taken away today. >> the f.a.a. will start letting you use four phone and other devices during take offs and landings, but there will still be restrictions. >> santa's making an early appearance at the mall. why the first big holiday sale is already here. >> the charges have been dropped but i still can't return to campus. at aljazeera reports, he is fighting to clear his name in a crime he says he never committed. >> taylor spends most weekends hanging out with friends in fargo. in the last four years, his life has veered off in a dramatically differe
of the horrific terrorist attacks. >> president obama is pushing nouri al-maliki to hold elections to bring the country back to its political use. nouri al-maliki assures him it will be held next year. >> the obama administration says it will have 7 million people signed up for health care by march 2014. to do that they'll have to pick up the pace. according to new documents released by congressional investigators only six people signed up on day one of the website. 248 on day two. official numbers of how many people signed up could be released this month. >> speaking of insurance, if you are one of 14 million americans who bought your own, it could get cancel. >> erin is a self-employed scin care therapist, wife and mother of two. she had the same insurance policy the past couple of years. she was happy, until she found out she was losing it. >> i was shocked, to tell you the truth. i don't think i was clear or maybe the president was not transparent on what was going to happen with the current plan. i had no plan to change. >> erin doesn't have her letter at the salon, but that's okay bec
job. his election, they insist means that the peace process started by the government, it could two through. but with the pakistan taliban vowing to avenge the death of hakimullah mehsud, it's almost certainly there'll be more violence ahead of talks. >>> secretary of state john kerry is arriving in egypt a day before the trial of ousted president mohamed morsi begins. his visit kicks off a 9-day trip to the middle east, europe and north africa. this will be his first time in egypt since the july coup forcing mohamed morsi out of office. >> mohamed morsi supporters are protesting in cairo and other egyptian cities. >> in syria government forces trude to crush rebel controlled areas around damascus. assad's regime has been trying to secure the area for month. video appears to show the rebels firing from buildings. thick smoke you can see in another clip. al jazeera cannot verify the video. >> more than 100,000 people have been killed since the war began. >> meanwhile in another area of syria a giant statue of jesus stopped the violence briefly. government forces and rebels stopped fi
't play well with the elect ral rat. >> faisa do they have a right to be outraged? >> i think so. you have to put this in the context of, parting of ways between europe and the united states, the drone issue being another one just last week, in the u.n. general assembly, there was a big debate about drones and there you had many european countries joining with third world countries to express concern about drones. i think there's also this general sense that maybe the americans have just gone too far in their quest for security and i think that's also part of the equation here. >> but when it comes to the spying how does that rank on the evils of the united states? l. >> well, remember these countries many of them also have this history of spying. communist east germany for example where angela merkel comes from, the stasi kept records on many of them and persecuted paws of spying. there is suspicion on spying does it rank high enough to torpedo a trade deal? i don't know about that. >> i want to get your reaction from certain sunday talk shows, from a democratic senator who is against thi
or president, but we had an election a couple years ago, because in part he perpetrated this myth. he was reelected. lou: and speaking of this administration responding, in peculiar ways, the administrators at centers for medicare and medicaid service telling congress and the u.s. to go to hell today, not responding to how many people have been enrolled under health, we have no idea, because this administration has ordered this president has ordered agency heads and divisions of those agencies and departments to stonewall the congress of the united states. >> yeah, lou, amazing coming from someone who promised to be the most transparent administration, you have "fast and furious," and benghazi, and the nsa, and internal revenue service and now obamacare. committees of congress and equal branch of government, that has a constitutional responsibility to provide oversight cannot get what ought to be available, which is how many people have enrolled. lou: absolutely, conforming to the administration's method of operation. it is clear whether any one of the scandals you ment
is election day, but today marks one year until the midterm elections. we're going to tell you what to expect from tomorrow's races and who's on the hot seat in 2013. >>> haley barbour will join us to talk politics, health care and a lot more. it is monday, november 4th, 2013, and the third hour of "squawk box" begins right now. >>> welcome back to "squawk box." here on cnbc, first in business worldwide, i'm joe kernan. our guest host this morning jim bullard, many from president bullard -- sounds pretty good. doesn't it? >> thank you, man. >> yeah, you're welcome. first, though, becky has your morning headlines. >> s.a.c. capital is expected to complete its deal with government prosecutors today. the firm will settle charges with the guilty plea to securities fraud and a $1.8 billion fee if you include the $616 million they've already paid to the sec. as part of the plea, s.a.c. will lose the investment adviser administration with the sec. kate kelly has been following the story and will join us later in the hour. >> unbelievable story. it's the end of a soap opera and maybe a continuing soa
in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote the health care law. this is the lead story in the new york times this morning. what is your top story this week? we will begin with a democrat in tennessee. diane, what do you think the big story of the week is? about theam concerned reform bill. we have senators have been taking money and enriching themselv
? ever? >> well, this is the point. when we talk about winning elections. and the-- i understand all of the i am p poe-- impetus to stop the policies, but the only thing the way it will be stopped by republicans is by winning elections. recall, when one party has all the real estate in washington d.c., they can do an awful lot. obamacare went through when the democrats had both houses of congress and the white house, if they have that again, this could turn from obamacare into single payer pretty quickly. >> okay. dually noted. arthur brooks, thank you for joining us, much appreciated. >> thanks, stuart. check the big boards, we add consumer confidence numbers out, a lower reading than expected and we come down a little on the dow. well, we were up 50 of 60 and now we're up 35, 36. charles, that's not a big impact from consumer confidence. charles: that's not a big impact. and the consumer confidence numbers out of sync for a while. stuart: i'm sorry to jump in. but what does it tell you about the economy going forward? if consumer confidence is declining now? >> the about and real n
stop after a conference since the election of president rouhani. .ou have let us ask questions there is michael adler who considered -- contribute so much, right? understand sound policy choices. i want to thank you and remind everyone that one president wilson except that the nobel letter,ize in 1919 by he wrote that the cause of peace will be a continuing labor. almost 100 years later, the cause of peace is a continuing labor and a reason that i hope we will make progress. under very iaea strong leadership, your leadership, thank you and thank you all for coming. [applause] >> this concludes our program. thank you to the inspector general for coming. it was a great religion. was a greatn -- it pleasure. great session. here.e a press conference the press could come forward. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> thank you. i'm from japan. korea, howl on north as inspector going back to pyongyang? on -- one question more question on [indiscernible] and investigating contaminated wa
for seven years, was finally kicked out in the late name eason 2000, but was elected in what everyone pretty much everyone needs for and fair elections but elected back into mexico's white house. so could you give us a sense of how u.s. and not fair, as someone who follows mexico, as the mexican and american reporter in your role, how do you see this first year? what has or hasn't happened? >> more than anything as a foreign correspondent, it has meant a real effort on the part of the new government to change the narrative, to change the storyline from just violence to other aspects of mexico, which is very fair. mexico also has some very precise. there's some regions like the central mexico, where you have one thing interesting. you see the types between texas and mexico. the number of times i talked to mexican mainstays who are somewhat linked to the labor market and say i'll ask them. they say your grand parents, like your fathers, et cetera. they say yes, but more out of curiosity than necessity. that makes you think about the long-term immigration trend. whether americans will someday m
. you elected me. that's what they elected me for. that's what republic is about. >> novato's governor and several senators on capitol hill call the comments outrageous, incense tef, and wrong, and they want an apology. >>> the city of irwindale is trying to do something about the powerful smell from the plant that makes the popular sric hot sauce. the city has filed a public nuisance complaint against the owners. >> your eyes burning, feeling your nose tingling, want to sneeze. it's like cooking chilies in your house. you have that little cough, the itch in your throat, definitely kind of unbearable. >> the lawsuit says the smell is so strong, it has costs residents more activities indoors and in some cases even move to other housing temporarily. it also say it is city received no action plan from huy illustrating steps that it will take to solve the problem. >>> it's 5:20 right now. coming up, a giant fish jumps on board, but it's what the fisherman did that's even more unusual. >>> coming up, can the st. louis cardinals even the world series, and the 49ers, man, they had a golden ch
-tracking, they call it, with our elected representatives given the choice only of voting it up or down. last year, over 130 members of congress asked the white house for more transparency about what's being negotiated and were essentially told to go fly a kite. you can be sure of this, however. a select group of corporate partners, companies like generax electric, goldman sachs, and pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, are not likely to be in the dark. players like these stand to be the real beneficiaries of the agreement, because like other so-called "free trade" agreements, tpp actually will reward those at the top, even as it creates rules that will override domestic laws on the environment, workplace safety, and investment. corporate lobbyists already are lining up in washington to ram the agreement through once the white house hurries it out of the delivery room. how do we know this? because some vigilant independent watchdogs are tracking the negotiations with sources they trust, and two are with me now. yves smith is an expert on investment banking and the founder of aurora advisers, a new yo
the scenes of the 2012 presidential election. they thought about swapping out joe biden for hillary clinton for vp. and romney campaign had concerns about chris christie. the book is called "double down." it has everyone talking. the host of msnbc's "hardball". chris matthews joins me now. hi, chris. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> first let's go to mitt romney. he passed over chris christie because his background was littered with landmines. truth there? >> i don't know. i read that part of the book. it's a lot of stuff. a lot of stuff. including the charge that he went too big on his expense account as u.s. attorney. he was staying at the four seasons. if you put it horizontally, problems with his brother. what it will do is create opportunities for anyone who runs against him to begin there. that will be their first draft of their investigation of the guy. but i didn't see anything there that made it troubling about him being president of the united states or vice president. not yet. >> what about the vice presidential campaign search called project goldfish. tim pawlenty, they c
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